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Informa Financial & Insurance Services Inc.

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Cliff Pipke

Cliff Pipke

Senior Advisor - Principal

As Principal of Informa Financial & Insurance Services, Cliff has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry. He has vast experience in providing life & disability insurance, employee benefits, critical illness insurance, group retirement and executive insurance solutions. Over that time, he has learned to combine his creative abilities with his technical knowledge, bringing forth excellent business solutions for both individual and group needs.

Cliff excels at providing unique business model options, revenue strategies, pricing, and other opportunities. Taking pride in going above and beyond what is expected is – and continues to be – the main focus in his career.

Being an active father of two, most of Cliff’s free time is spent at the hockey arena, dance academy, or soccer fields. When he has a moment to himself, he likes to unwind by trying to best his time doing the Grouse Grind; but his son still manages to always beat him!