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Dane Christianson

Dane Christianson

Senior Associate Advisor

Dane has been with the Informa team since 2016, and brings 6 years’ experience in the insurance industry, as well as a year of experience working closely alongside a financial planner.

Dane often times, works in tandem with Cliff in coming up with unique solutions to employee benefits, life insurance, living benefits and corporate coverage.

In 2014 Dane earned his FPSC Level 1 Certified as a Financial Planner: A designation that includes his securities license, and multiple financial planning courses, as well as having completed a Capstone certified financial planning course, and a 2 year intensive diploma in financial planning at BCIT.

Dane is an avid traveler. Aside from spending nearly four months in South America, he spent 5 months travelling South-East Asia and Australia. Having met people from all walks of life has exposed Dane to a number of different cultures and to an array of unique scenarios, which has only helped shape his interpersonal skills. When Dane manages to carve out some spare time, he likes to play a game of pickup basketball at the courts on Kitsilano Beach and pretend that he is a retired Vancouver Grizzly named Pete Chilcutt (actual player).