Chamber Of Commerce Group Plan

The Chambers Plan was introduced over 40 years ago to specifically address the needs of small to medium sized firms, and now provides coverage to over 27,000 firms just like yours ranging from 1-50 employees. What is unique about this plan is that it is a pooled benefit plan which means that your firm's claims are spread amongst 27,000 other firms nationwide. By doing so, this offers a small to medium sized business a quality benefit program with a degree of cost certainty moving forward versus an experience rated program where future premiums are based upon the claims experience of your small to medium sized business.

Reason to Consider the Chambers of Commerce Group Plan

  • Recruit Top Talent: Attracting talented employees requires offering competitive benefits.
  • Retain Employees: A strong benefits plan can also increase the loyalty of employees.
  • Any Size Company: Plans can be created for companies with even just one employee.
  • Customize Your Coverage: Choose and build the benefits plans that best suits your company.
  • Budget Control: By building your own plan, you have full control over the costs.

Chamber of Commerce Group Plan Options

As your local Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan representatives, we will work with you to develop a quote based on your company’s individual needs and demographics. Whatever your budget, we will provide benefit options that suit your needs from the following services:

  • Dental Care
  • Health Care
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Travel Benefit
  • Critical Illness
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Optional Life
  • Dependents Group Life
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Weekly Indemnity (Short-Term Disability)
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Business Overhead Expense Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program

Build Your Benefits Plan

  • Choose your plan options
  • Stay within your budget
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