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Personal Insurance

Life Insurance

Whether it be to fulfill a family need, or an estate planning need, by tax-efficiently passing assets to your heirs, we can help tailor a life insurance policy that meets your short and long-term goals. As brokers we deal with all major life insurance companies, and are familiar with all types of life planning, including temporary coverage, permanent and corporate coverage. What’s more, life insurance acts as a more cost-effective substitute to what the banks must legally offer to insure a client’s mortgage.

Disability Insurance

A long-term disability policy can provide maximum after-tax income to maintain your present and future lifestyle, if sidelined for an extended period of time by way of illness or injury. There is no “correct age” when considering disability coverage, once you have begun your career, but the advantages of exploring it sooner than later are many (e.g. cost and health). Statistically speaking, an otherwise healthy 30 year old has a roughly 35% chance of becoming disabled prior to the age of 65.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness offsets the financial impact of a critical illness (e.g. life-threatening cancer; heart attack; stroke; MS, etc.), with a tax-free, lump sum payment, with a future option to receive all premiums returned if you are fortunate enough to not make a claim on your policy. Statistically speaking, an otherwise health 30 year old has a roughly 26% chance of being diagnosed with a critical illness before the age of 65.

Corporate Insurance

Life insurance, disability or critical illness coverage on a partner or key employee on whom the continued successful operation of a business depends. A business owner must consider the repercussions associated with such a loss: costs associated with recruitment, hiring and retraining; the loss of revenue the keyperson would have otherwise generated; paying off outstanding debts, etc. By owning a policy corporately, for example through a holding company, the policy is being paid for with corporate as oppose to personal dollars, making this a tax-efficient way to hold of a policy.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plans

Deferred Profit Sharing Plans are designed to reward good performance and create a sense of partnership between the plan sponsor and the members of the plan. This plan type is only available as a group arrangement.

DPSP gives the plan sponsor the option to link contributions to profitability of the business. Sponsor contributions are tax deductible for the plan sponsor. Members do not pay income tax on DPSP contribution until funds are withdrawn. A DPSP is usually offered in conjunction with a group RRSP. The employee contributes to the group RRSP and the employer’s matching contributions are deposited to the DPSP.

  • Dane and Cliff are professional, knowledgeable and truly care about building long term relationships with their clients. They pay attention to the small details and I am confident they have my best interest in mind.

    Zachary Pollock, Director of Sales , Wishpond

  • My husband and I worked with Dane to handle our life insurance needs. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and personable. He made the entire process very easy for us and handled everything efficiently and promptly. We highly recommend Dane and Informa Financial!

    Lyndsey Goulet , Macdonald Commercial Real Estate Services Ltd.

  • Dane worked diligently in finding the right insurance for me and answered all my questions patiently. He is respectful, honest and hardworking. I would recommend him and work with him again.

    Madhu Singh , Enova Solutions Inc.

  • I have switched many small business owners to Informa, as they are incredibly friendly, professional, and prompt with their service – not only that, they have saved my clients money on their benefits and various insurance packages.

    Danielle Roy Realty

  • I was first introduced to the team at Informa when they visited my office and took us through our group benefits. When I needed to get some additional coverage I reached out to them for some help. The team was great and they helped me decide on the appropriate products and coverage for my family. We worked with Dane and he was fantastic – incredibly patient and very thorough in explaining things! We never felt rushed or pressured. Thank you so much for all of your help to give my family & I peace of mind.

    Adrienne Marie Zwirko , Icebreaker Merino